Marco Valerio Nati

‘Time Machine’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Marco Valerio Nati / CinematographerDavide Marchione / Director: Marco Valerio Nati / Model: Sophie Lempers / Model Management: Next Management Milano / Stylist: Francesca Sireci
Time Machine: 1/13
Time Machine: 2/13
Time Machine: 3/13
Time Machine: 4/13
Time Machine: 5/13
Time Machine: 6/13
Time Machine: 7/13
Time Machine: 8/13
Time Machine: 9/13
Time Machine: 10/13
Time Machine: 11/13
Time Machine: 12/13
Time Machine: 13/13

Time Machine ( exclusive for Stick & Stones Agency the Mothership ) from on Vimeo.

Marco Valerio Nati ‘Time Machine’

Itay photographer,  Marco Valerio Nati is back with another awesome series starring Dutch beauty, Sophie Lempers.

A journey through time;
this is a time machine.

If I had a time machine and
If life was a movie scene
I’d rewind and I’d tell me run
We were never meant to be
So if I had a time machine
I’d go back and I’d tell me run run



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