Nicholas Stevens

‘Time to burn’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Nicholas Stevens / CinematographerJaen Collective / Creative director: Claire / Stylist: Claire / Model: Cheyenne Gordon
Time to burn: 1/8
Time to burn: 2/8
Time to burn: 3/8
Time to burn: 4/8
Time to burn: 5/8
Time to burn: 6/8
Time to burn: 7/8
Time to burn: 8/8

Time To Burn ft. Cheyenne Gordon from Jáen Collective on Vimeo.

Nicholas Stevens ‘Time to burn’

One of my best friends & someone I get to work with often Nick Stevens of Jaen Collective brings us a stunning series created during his recent visit to LA.

“I met Claire (Stylist) a couple months back on a job in Sydney & loved her work. She was flying back to Los Angeles the following day & said we should work together if I’m ever in the states.

A couple months later I found myself working on a documentary in LA & hit her up with very little notice. Claire then organized a model by the name of Cheyenne, outfits & a rough idea on locations in Down Town LA.

We shot for a couple hours, ate hot dogs & in the middle of a shoot I heard Claire yell out “HEY STOP!” when I turned around I saw a homeless man trying to walk off with my video camera & Claire holding onto the man’s shirt. I ran towards them & the old man handed off the camera to Claire & ran off. We all took a moment, I gave Claire a hug & we continued to shoot.

We did final shots in the middle of a busy intersection on Broadway where I got some of my favourite footage yet.”



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