Em Jensen

‘Time travel’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Em Jensen / Model: Gabriella Ejeklint / Model: Luise / Wardrobe: Tillie Peel / HMUA: Seher
Time travel: 1/6
Time travel: 2/6
Time travel: 3/6
Time travel: 4/6
Time travel: 5/6
Time travel: 6/6

Em Jensen ‘Time travel’

Melbourne mixed media artist/photographer, Em Jensen brings us new nostalgic work styled by Tillie Peel of The Bearded Gypsy Vintage Co.

“Tillie & I have been following each other on Instagram for a while, & so when I decided to travel to western Europe in April, we both immediately agreed we need to create some magic through a collaboration. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to go to the UK, so Tillie met me in Berlin where we hung out with some local Berlin creatives & time travelled back to East Berlin in the 70’s before the wall fell in ’89 to capture these snaps.”

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