Eleanor Petry

‘Times Square’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Eleanor Petry / Model: Bei Kuo
Times Square: 1/13
Times Square: 2/13
Times Square: 3/13
Times Square: 4/13
Times Square: 5/13
Times Square: 6/13
Times Square: 7/13
Times Square: 8/13
Times Square: 9/13
Times Square: 10/13
Times Square: 11/13
Times Square: 12/13
Times Square: 13/13

Eleanor Petry ‘Times Square’

Seattle based visual artist, Eleanor Petry presents her debut feature starring a stunning familiar face,Bei Kuo.

“Bei & I have mutually followed & admired each others work online for awhile now. Currently, I am living bicoastal, splitting my time between Seattle & New York. We got the chance to do a shoot during my most recent time in NY. $tudio $paces are tricky in there! Especially for laid back non-commercial shoots. I suggested we shoot in Times Square. I love the energy there. So many tourists, the advertising, the lights, the characters. I get all amped up there. Bei was down which was cool because many NY locals I know avoid Times Square religiously. We had a blast!”



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