Alan Yee Bourgeois


by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Alan Yee Bourgeois / Photographer: Alex Carmona / Model: Sofya / Stylist: Verónica Alva / Make-up Artist: Tania Garcia
Tlatelolco: 1/12
Tlatelolco: 2/12
Tlatelolco: 3/12
Tlatelolco: 4/12
Tlatelolco: 5/12
Tlatelolco: 6/12
Tlatelolco: 7/12
Tlatelolco: 8/12
Tlatelolco: 9/12
Tlatelolco: 10/12
Tlatelolco: 11/12
Tlatelolco: 12/12

Alan Yee Bourgeois ‘Tlatelolco’

Alan Yee Bourgeois teams up with stylist Verónica Alva for their latest stunning series set in Tlatelolco.

“Tlatelolco is an area in Mexico City with a lot of history. Back in 1968 students went to march in order to protest against the government for better education. The government didn’t react very well & started shooting to kill all the students & Tlatelolco was the neighbourhood of the tragedy. Right now, hundreds of families live there.”

Wardrobe credits; Fila, Omar Ruiz, Bimba Y Lola, Desigual.



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