Peter Olsson

‘To go solo’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Peter Olsson / Model: Kayla Adams / Model Management: Option Model
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Peter Olsson ‘To go solo’

For his latest series, Peter Olson followed Kayla as she left the city life behind & headed out for an evening stroll in the lush nature on Sauvie Island, just outside of Portland.

“It’s easy to forget how liberating it can be to say FU*K IT!, & go run around butt naked in the wild, which is kind of where this all landed. Add to that Kayla’s rock n’ roll vibes, laidback attitude, and some headlights for an enticing visual cocktail.

This set resembles a feeling of rebellion, freedom, & untamed youth that I am sure most of us remember from our younger days, or at least can relate to in one way or the other. It is something that still can spark up within us when we get fed up with “the real world”, perhaps inciting us to go solo in the wild for a bit with our disco ball cocktail cup & not much more. Okay, this might not be how we all seek our escapism, but the essence of the act is the same, we all need an out every now & then.”

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