Cindy Bri

‘Tokyo Love’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Cindy Bri / Model: Shunya Amemiya / Model: Makino Reina / Make-up Artist: Lui / Stylist: Lui
Tokyo Love: 1/15
Tokyo Love: 2/15
Tokyo Love: 3/15
Tokyo Love: 4/15
Tokyo Love: 5/15
Tokyo Love: 6/15
Tokyo Love: 7/15
Tokyo Love: 8/15
Tokyo Love: 9/15
Tokyo Love: 10/15
Tokyo Love: 11/15
Tokyo Love: 12/15
Tokyo Love: 13/15
Tokyo Love: 14/15
Tokyo Love: 15/15

Cindy Bri ‘Tokyo Love’

Indonesia architect, designer & photographer, Cindy Brigitta lives a nomad life, taking photos during her travels. Inspired by her visit to & set in Kawasaki, Japan, Cindy created this stunning series portraying the essence of teenage years; first love, heartbreak, growing up & everything in between.



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