Olga Ush


by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Olga Ush / Model: Xhesika Berberi / Model: Arselajda Buraku / Stylist: AndArchive / Assistant: Roschelle Palm / Make-up Artist: Malisa Khamphong
Townies: 1/12
Townies: 2/12
Townies: 3/12
Townies: 4/12
Townies: 5/12
Townies: 6/12
Townies: 7/12
Townies: 8/12
Townies: 9/12
Townies: 10/12
Townies: 11/12
Townies: 12/12

Olga Ush ‘Townies’

In collaboration with AndArchive, photographer Olga Ush brings us a new stunning NYC fashion story.

“Arsela & Xhesika (Miss Albania 2011) are NYC models, who originally come from Algeria. All of us wanted to experiment with their looks & try some new hair (the wig Xhesika is wearing), styles & make up. Collaboration with AndArchive helped us to realize our ideas & expectations.”



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