Ivanna Mazza


by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Ivanna Mazza / Model: Sissi Tenner / Stylist: Tamara Orellana / Make-up Artist: Ayelen Canay / CinematographerTadeo Reyes
Toxic: 1/16
Toxic: 2/16
Toxic: 3/16
Toxic: 4/16
Toxic: 5/16
Toxic: 6/16
Toxic: 7/16
Toxic: 8/16
Toxic: 9/16
Toxic: 10/16
Toxic: 11/16
Toxic: 12/16
Toxic: 13/16
Toxic: 14/16
Toxic: 15/16
Toxic: 16/16

FFilm - Blinding - @trfilmmaker from Tadeo Reyes on Vimeo.

Ivanna Mazza ‘Toxic’

This spooky exclusive editorial from Argentinian photographer Ivanna Mazza is scary good. Ivanna captures Sissi in varying vibrant light that brings out a poison & insidious tone. Toxic is the latest series by Ivanna Mazza, who is currently defining her own rad style of portrait photography.



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