Nic Porter

‘Tragic glamour’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

20 photographs.
Photographer: Nic Porter / Art director: Ragen Fykes / Model: Anna Caroom / Model: Savanna Copper / Model: Katie Marsh / Stylist: Andi Bakos
Tragic glamour: 1/20
Tragic glamour: 2/20
Tragic glamour: 3/20
Tragic glamour: 4/20
Tragic glamour: 5/20
Tragic glamour: 6/20
Tragic glamour: 7/20
Tragic glamour: 8/20
Tragic glamour: 9/20
Tragic glamour: 10/20
Tragic glamour: 11/20
Tragic glamour: 12/20
Tragic glamour: 13/20
Tragic glamour: 14/20
Tragic glamour: 15/20
Tragic glamour: 16/20
Tragic glamour: 17/20
Tragic glamour: 18/20
Tragic glamour: 19/20
Tragic glamour: 20/20

Nic Porter ‘Tragic glamour’

Longtime Portlander, Nic Porter grew up in a small town in the Columbia River Gorge. Natural beauty was commonplace. After a few childhood attempts with a disposable Kodak, she found beauty’s straight capture rendered it dull. “Reinterpretation is far more interesting.” Ever since, Nic has been more concerned with story than truth, believing that a good lie captured well crafts the most honest reality of all.

Nic is also the founder & producer of Suitcase Laundry, an all-women, monthly, collaborative photoshoot event in Portland that seeks to bypass the male gaze & redefine the creative experience for women by women.

“This shoot was created by an all-babe crew at the historic Star Theatre in downtown Portland, Oregon. As this collaboration took place, multiple women-only shoots were going on at the same time. That allowed our crew to really slide deep into the creative process as we were surrounded by it. There’s a beautiful comfort in that.”



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