Brooke Olimpieri

‘Tragic Kingdom’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

18 photographs.
Photographer: Brooke Olimpieri / CinematographerDusty Fruend / Stylist: Brooke Olimpieri / Model: Ashley Smith / Hair: Christina Virzi / Make-up Artist: Chelsea Gehr
Tragic Kingdom: 1/18
Tragic Kingdom: 2/18
Tragic Kingdom: 3/18
Tragic Kingdom: 4/18
Tragic Kingdom: 5/18
Tragic Kingdom: 6/18
Tragic Kingdom: 7/18
Tragic Kingdom: 8/18
Tragic Kingdom: 9/18
Tragic Kingdom: 10/18
Tragic Kingdom: 11/18
Tragic Kingdom: 12/18
Tragic Kingdom: 13/18
Tragic Kingdom: 14/18
Tragic Kingdom: 15/18
Tragic Kingdom: 16/18
Tragic Kingdom: 17/18
Tragic Kingdom: 18/18

Tragic Kingdom from Dusty Fruend on Vimeo.

Brooke Olimpieri ‘Tragic Kingdom’

Our girl, Brook Olimpiri pulls together an all-female dream team to capture her forever muse, Ashley Smith. There are times when shoots just feel like that; shoots. Then there are other times when every photo & every piece of footage makes you feel as though you are there, dancing around in your underwear with them, or at least wishing you were.

In addition to Brookes incredible photo series, Dusty Fruend captured the magic on VHS, making this one of my favourite series to date. This is a girl gang I want to join!

“Ashley has been a muse of mine since long before I even picked up a camera professionally. So being able to collaborate with her on a shoot was one for my bucket list. She’s exactly as you’d expect; fun, energetic, & just dances to her own beat. Literally, she threw on her playlist, she danced, we all danced. This shoot was particularly special to me because it was an all-female collaboration with my favorite team! Our inspo was Gwen Stefani in the 90’s, her No Doubt days. We crashed the rad pad that belongs to Brandi, & brought our own beverages as we always do. The night was perfect & the photos are just as dreamy as Ashley.”



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