Naara Bahler

‘Trailer talk’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Naara Bahler / Model: Dara Elena Geiser / Stylist: Naara Bahler / Make-up Artist: Naara Bahler
Trailer talk: 1/7
Trailer talk: 2/7
Trailer talk: 3/7
Trailer talk: 4/7
Trailer talk: 5/7
Trailer talk: 6/7
Trailer talk: 7/7

Naara Bahler ‘Trailer talk’

Switzerland based creative, Naara Bahler presents her debut series starring her close friend, Dara Elena Geiser.

“Dara is my friend since I arrived in Switzerland, & has always been my muse. I lived in this trailer for short periods in the summer season while I was working at the campsite. It is located in Erlach, close to my house. I always felt very attracted to its interior, light, & above all, that comfort of intimacy & the obligation to be close to the person with whom you are staying.”



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