Agustin Farias

‘Training Tanya’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Photographer: Agustin Farias / Production: Virginia Hernandez / Model: Tanya Chudnovskaia / Stylist: Alin Bonsnoyan / HMUA: Wataru Suzuki
Training Tanya: 1/9
Training Tanya: 2/9
Training Tanya: 3/9
Training Tanya: 4/9
Training Tanya: 5/9
Training Tanya: 6/9
Training Tanya: 7/9
Training Tanya: 8/9
Training Tanya: 9/9

Agustin Farias ‘Training Tanya’

It’s a pleasure to introduce a new Argentina contributor in Agustin Farias with his debut feature starring Tanya Chudnovskaia.

“Take it in your hand. Watch the light. Red. Blue. Yellow. This mirror ball feels like ‘Flash Dance’ like white lace, wearing sunglasses inside, white pin-stripe on a blazer. Tania is backstage, waiting for the party. Tania is training, waiting for the event to begin. Lights down, let’s go.”



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