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Transcending: 4/10 Transcending: 4/10
Transcending: 5/10 Transcending: 5/10
Transcending: 6/10 Transcending: 6/10
Transcending: 7/10 Transcending: 7/10
Transcending: 8/10 Transcending: 8/10
Transcending: 9/10 Transcending: 9/10
Transcending: 10/10 Transcending: 10/10

kristian Punturere ‘Transcending’

Like me, if you are sitting there thinking “Damn this beautiful girl is bendy” that is because long before she became a model in this shoot, she was (& still is) a dedicated yogi. Her name is Jennifer Lay & she recently got in touch with photographer,┬ákristian Punturere after seeing his last incredible series up on here (link below). That makes me feel so happy inside!!! Actually so does Yoga. I rejoined a class last night & soon i’ll┬ábe all extra bendy too.



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