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by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: kristian Punturere / Model: Jennifer Lay
Transcending: 1/10
Transcending: 2/10
Transcending: 3/10
Transcending: 4/10
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Transcending: 6/10
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Transcending: 8/10
Transcending: 9/10
Transcending: 10/10

kristian Punturere ‘Transcending’

Like me, if you are sitting there thinking “Damn this beautiful girl is bendy” that is because long before she became a model in this shoot, she was (& still is) a dedicated yogi. Her name is Jennifer Lay & she recently got in touch with photographer, kristian Punturere after seeing his last incredible series up on here (link below). That makes me feel so happy inside!!! Actually so does Yoga. I rejoined a class last night & soon i’ll be all extra bendy too.



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