Transformation: 1/11 Transformation: 1/11
Transformation: 2/11 Transformation: 2/11
Transformation: 3/11 Transformation: 3/11
Transformation: 4/11 Transformation: 4/11
Transformation: 5/11 Transformation: 5/11
Transformation: 6/11 Transformation: 6/11
Transformation: 7/11 Transformation: 7/11
Transformation: 8/11 Transformation: 8/11
Transformation: 9/11 Transformation: 9/11
Transformation: 10/11 Transformation: 10/11
Transformation: 11/11 Transformation: 11/11

Molly Morrison ‘Transformation’

Conditioned to define pieces of our physical identity, this photo series visualizes the intimate process of personal transformation as we shed layers through time, space & lived experiences. Personal evolution is often weaved into contrasted moments of loudness & solace, public & private, our higher self vs our ego. Co-directed by Los Angeles based artists Tabatha Thomas & Molly Morrison, this visual story of rebirth was shot on film, both medium format & 35mm.



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