Matija Tomc

‘Trashy Juliet’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Matija Tomc / Editor: Spela Jambrek / Model: Klara Barbara Krajnc / Model Management: Immortal Models / Hair: Gašper Sedminek / Make-up Artist: Maja Drab
Trashy Juliet: 1/11
Trashy Juliet: 2/11
Trashy Juliet: 3/11
Trashy Juliet: 4/11
Trashy Juliet: 5/11
Trashy Juliet: 6/11
Trashy Juliet: 7/11
Trashy Juliet: 8/11
Trashy Juliet: 9/11
Trashy Juliet: 10/11
Trashy Juliet: 11/11

Matija Tomc ‘Trashy Juliet’

‘Trashy Juliet’ is a modern day love story that follows Juliet around her luxuary villa while she longs to be wrapped in the arms of her professional skateboarding Romeo. For now they are restricted to the strokes of their keyboards while  they do their daily catch up via Facebook. Rest assured, I am told they are both mentally & emotionally stable, so we don’t expect any tragedy to come out of this romance. Here is what photographer, Matija Tomc told us about the shoot…

“Spontaneity is the key to sanity, & this modern young Juliet is leading a spontaneous way of living, embracing life through all of its channels & its conflicts. Contrary to classic Juliet she does not restrict herself to what must be & what is right but is confident enough to act within, what feels right. & although living in luxury and among luxuries, she can still embrace junk, life conflicts, frustrating facts & the other side”.



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