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Sander Dekker ‘Trespassing’

Sander Dekker brings us his second series in as many weeks, lucky us! For his latest series, Sander meets Erika Larson on campus.

“I discovered Erika, a film major, on Instagram just a few days before my trip to NYC. She didn’t show much of herself on social media, but there was something about her I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It turned out she lived on a university campus – something I’m not familiar with. So I walked in unsuspectingly & got arrested right away by security. After Erika had picked me up I was even more intrigued by her. It struck me that during our shoot, she would often have an absent look on her face, staring into oblivion. “You’re a doll,” I told her. “I’m an all American girl,” she replied. I thought I noticed something sarcastic in that comment, but it was, in any case, a nice contrast to her dream girl face. As was the fact that she doesn’t care about shaving or trimming her body hair. But instead of it being a statement of some sort, she simply said, “Got no time for that shit!” when she noticed me looking. It takes a strong woman with a lot of confidence to just let it go & not worry about the expected beauty ideal. I laughed & we went exploring, trespassing on the campus grounds.”



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