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‘Tribu Eyewear / LOOKBOOK’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

19 photographs.
Production: Tribu Eyewear / Photographer: The Salty Shutter / Accessories: Tribu Eyewear
Tribu Eyewear / LOOKBOOK: 1/19
Tribu Eyewear / LOOKBOOK: 2/19
Tribu Eyewear / LOOKBOOK: 3/19
Tribu Eyewear / LOOKBOOK: 4/19
Tribu Eyewear / LOOKBOOK: 5/19
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Tribu Eyewear / LOOKBOOK: 12/19
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Tribu Eyewear / LOOKBOOK: 15/19
Tribu Eyewear / LOOKBOOK: 16/19
Tribu Eyewear / LOOKBOOK: 17/19
Tribu Eyewear / LOOKBOOK: 18/19
Tribu Eyewear / LOOKBOOK: 19/19

Tribu Eyewear ‘Tribu Eyewear / LOOKBOOK’

My search for the perfect pair of gloss black cat-eyed polarised sunnies came to an end on Friday when they arrived in a beautiful little box from new Australian eyewear label Tribu & I haven’t taken them off since! Today it is a pleasure to introduce our gorgeous readers (you) to the Tribu fam with their first collection look book captured by Sydney photographer The Salty Shutter.


“Much of our younger years were spent wandering the streets, alternatively hiding from & basking in the hot Australian sun after partying through the
night at some random warehouse in the inner city. We loved fashion, but we also didn’t take it too seriously. We wanted to recreate that feeling – that time when the day meets the night or the night meets the day, the anticipation of what will come in the next few hours, the early hours stumbling home reminiscing & laughing over what’s just happened, & the fact so many of our most enduring memories played out on random Sydney streets. We wanted to pull away from the traditional expectation of bikini’s, pools & sunsets you expect from a new sunnies label. That’s not who we are. Life & people are imperfect & messy & chaotic & fucked up. The best often are. That’s who we are for. That’s what we tried to embody.

Our first collection reflects this – audacious, left of off-centre designs paired with both slight traditional twist & daring bold colours to play on your mood. We break the rules, expectations & boundaries. We are TRIBU Eyewear, a brand, a movement to empower & encourage individuals to push beyond the boundaries of society’s expectations & achieve self-expression. We are the forward thinkers, the creatives & the brave who raise their
middle finger to anything that tries to box us in.”



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