Carol Spliny


by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Carol Spliny / Production: Andrey Batista / Model: Penny Zimmermann / Model: Pamela Molinari / HMUA: Andrey Batista
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Carol Spliny ‘Tribute’

Brazilian fashion photographer, Carol Spliny brings us her latest stunning series starring Penny Zimmermann & Pamela Molinari.

“This shoot was very nostalgic for a couple of reasons: Pamela used to be my neighbour in our hometown, & it’s been almost a decade we hadn’t met since we left the town. However during the day we got to know she moved to the same city as me, & we live only one block away from each other. Another coincidence is that we shot this at an empty house where our beauty artist grew up. & even though it had no furniture, it was full of stories & memories.”



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