Silvija Gec

‘Trippy Kate’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Silvija Gec / Creative director: Silvija Gec / Model: Kate Mogg
Trippy Kate: 1/9
Trippy Kate: 2/9
Trippy Kate: 3/9
Trippy Kate: 4/9
Trippy Kate: 5/9
Trippy Kate: 6/9
Trippy Kate: 7/9
Trippy Kate: 8/9
Trippy Kate: 9/9

Silvija Gec ‘Trippy Kate’

Our London gal Silvija Gec brings us new awesome work starring Kate Mogg.

“It’s my favourite time of year, so I always feel inspired to make something nostalgic, because that’s how I usually feel in Autumn. This season is very different for me as I’m finishing my own book, but I couldn’t miss a chance to meet with my favourite Australian girl Kate & create something trippy & kind of nostalgic to old times & all that vintage simplicity of the moment while you create a photo story without any extra photoshop filters but only using an old stage lights, cosy bedroom & having fun on rainy London pavements.”



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