Helena Bromboszcz

‘Trois couleurs’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Helena Bromboszcz / Model: Kasia Danioł / Model: Kester / Model: Linda Golińska / Make-up Artist: Klaudia Jóźwiak / Hair: Aleksandra Andrysiak
Trois couleurs: 1/12
Trois couleurs: 2/12
Trois couleurs: 3/12
Trois couleurs: 4/12
Trois couleurs: 5/12
Trois couleurs: 6/12
Trois couleurs: 7/12
Trois couleurs: 8/12
Trois couleurs: 9/12
Trois couleurs: 10/12
Trois couleurs: 11/12
Trois couleurs: 12/12

Helena Bromboszcz ‘Trois couleurs’

Polish photographer Helena Bromboszcz redefines what it means to photograph hot women with hot wheels.

“The starting point of this shoot is one of the most trivial tropes in photography, which is a combination of a sports car & an attractive woman. It is widely associated with photos of poor artistic value, such as those featured on cheap calendars or cellphone wallpapers. Through the lense this theme is completely redefined by showing the models in a sensual, but also a powerful way which has nothing to do with objectification – especially given the fact that they are posing in clothes from prestigious polish & worldwide known designers. In this way the looks of the models are consistent with the aggressive design of vintage Ford Mustang from Specialcars.pl. Another meaning of this shoot is provided by the choice of locations – industrial areas, which are exactly like places where both the car & clothes were manufactured. In this sense, they were photographed in their natural habitat.”



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