Alice Calypso

‘Truck stop’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

22 photographs.
Photographer: Alice Calypso / Model: Tanya Schenkina / Stylist: Polina Benefit / Accessories: Tanya Mokrushina
Truck stop: 1/22
Truck stop: 2/22
Truck stop: 3/22
Truck stop: 4/22
Truck stop: 5/22
Truck stop: 6/22
Truck stop: 7/22
Truck stop: 8/22
Truck stop: 9/22
Truck stop: 10/22
Truck stop: 11/22
Truck stop: 12/22
Truck stop: 13/22
Truck stop: 14/22
Truck stop: 15/22
Truck stop: 16/22
Truck stop: 17/22
Truck stop: 18/22
Truck stop: 19/22
Truck stop: 20/22
Truck stop: 21/22
Truck stop: 22/22

Alice Calypso ‘Truck stop’

Russian based photographer, Alice Calypso aims to provoke emotion with her cinematic moody series & that’s exactly what we look for too! We love to feel things, & ‘Truck stop’ has me feeling all sorts of things. Mostly inspired to shoot, but also my brain keeps making up scary story lines, as though these are stills from a horror movie. Here is what Alice told us about her night shooting Tanya Schenkina.

“The starting point of this photoshoot was the location; strange green light, night & emptiness, a street noir. mixed with something especial, sentimental & so Russian. Here the 90s are still in tact!”



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