Hef Prentice

‘Tulip fever’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Hef Prentice / Model: Reine Buchanan / Model Management: Civiles Management / Make-up Artist: Jade Kone
Tulip fever: 1/14
Tulip fever: 2/14
Tulip fever: 3/14
Tulip fever: 4/14
Tulip fever: 5/14
Tulip fever: 6/14
Tulip fever: 7/14
Tulip fever: 8/14
Tulip fever: 9/14
Tulip fever: 10/14
Tulip fever: 11/14
Tulip fever: 12/14
Tulip fever: 13/14
Tulip fever: 14/14

Hef Prentice ‘Tulip fever’

Hef Prentice brings us a new stunning 35mm film series starring Reine Buchanan.

“That morning we met as though we knew each other all our lives, we started really early & kept going until the night, we bought flowers, the tulips were closed when we bought them & opened up as we took the photos, it was magical. Sasuke, Reine’s dog accompanied us & posed as well. It was a beautiful evening, we ended up playing Mortal Kombat & laughing a lot.”

Wardrobe; Cygnus Lingerie, Fenty x Puma.



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