Billy Henry

‘Tuned in’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Billy Henry / Creative director: Billy Henry / Model: Christian Nicole / Stylist: Emily Kincaid / HMUA: Emily Kincaid
Tuned in: 1/5
Tuned in: 2/5
Tuned in: 3/5
Tuned in: 4/5
Tuned in: 5/5

Billy Henry ‘Tuned in’

Its a pleasure to introduce a new contributor up here in Los Angeles-based film photographer Billy Henry whos work is heavily influenced & inspired by cinema & music. “I work to celebrate the combustible jazz of the human condition in my photographs.” Today he brings us his debut film series starring Christian Nicole.

“I wanted to push the idea of distraction to the point of trance & possessed. I shot this project in the lobby of my Echo Park apartment building in Los Angeles. The place oozes with a charming haunt. Christian came up from San Diego to play the character, & Emily’s styling & HMU work synched up perfectly with my vision.”

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