‘Twiggy bitch’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Kimdary / Yohannes Cousy / Model: Anna Etzrodt Laporte-roy / Model: Meli Giostra / Stylist: Re Han / Stylist: Scott Toulis
Twiggy bitch: 1/16
Twiggy bitch: 2/16
Twiggy bitch: 3/16
Twiggy bitch: 4/16
Twiggy bitch: 5/16
Twiggy bitch: 6/16
Twiggy bitch: 7/16
Twiggy bitch: 8/16
Twiggy bitch: 9/16
Twiggy bitch: 10/16
Twiggy bitch: 11/16
Twiggy bitch: 12/16
Twiggy bitch: 13/16
Twiggy bitch: 14/16
Twiggy bitch: 15/16
Twiggy bitch: 16/16

Kimdary ‘Twiggy bitch’

For her debut feature, Kimdary has put a fun, bold 21st-century twist on the iconic images of Twiggy from the 60’s & we love the result!

Wardrobe; Y.C.C, Burberry, Gucci, In Gold We Trust, Julia Stratmann, Balenciaga, Georgielas Studio, Ding Xiang Fan, C.P, Inco, Canda, In the Style, Re Han, Shisilu, River Island, Forever 21, Foutone, Zara, JW Anderson, Zéro Point Dix, Corset. Georgielas Studio, Asos, Daisy Street, Anna Karathanassis, Jil Sander.



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