Maria Kotylevskaja


by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Maria Kotylevskaja / Model: Ann Sophie Knittel
Twilight: 1/6
Twilight: 2/6
Twilight: 3/6
Twilight: 4/6
Twilight: 5/6
Twilight: 6/6

Maria Kotylevskaja ‘Twilight’

‘Twilight’ is our debut feature from Hamburg photographer, Maria Kotylevskaja.

“This beach in Hamburg is a very unique place. It’s right in the center of the city & usually quite crowded, locals love to spend the sunny days there. The scenery seems almost surreal with the nature on the one side facing the industrial landscape across the ‘Elbe’ river. Especially when it gets darker, I love the atmosphere with all the city & harbour lights in the background.

I’ve always wanted to capture the feeling of when you are almost alone at night there. So when I heard that Ann-Sophie was planing on moving, I really wanted to shoot there with her. She fits in this place, I guess. She is such a natural beauty & we both fell in love with the pureness & the authenticity of this location.”



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