Emma Craft

‘Twilight twins’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Emma Craft / Model: Skyler Guidera / Model: Shayla Chanavier / Assistant: Christina Kotsiras
Twilight twins: 1/6
Twilight twins: 2/6
Twilight twins: 3/6
Twilight twins: 4/6
Twilight twins: 5/6
Twilight twins: 6/6

Emma Craft ‘Twilight twins’

‘Twilight twins’ is our first feature by Emma Craft & makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Here is how Emma described her beautiful afternoon with Skyler Guidera & Shayla Chanavier…

“The day we shot was actually serendipitous. We had to switch locations last minute & I had to make a crazy fast decision on where to go next. Light was fading fast & we were basically in the middle of nowhere. Once we finally got to the next spot, the sun was basically set but we all continued to set up to shoot anyway. Once I started shooting I realized that actually that lighting/location was more perfect than what I envisioned originally. The cool tones were perfect for what I was going for!”



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