Brooke Barone

‘Two doors down’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Brooke Barone / Model: Roxy Pryor
Two doors down: 1/8
Two doors down: 2/8
Two doors down: 3/8
Two doors down: 4/8
Two doors down: 5/8
Two doors down: 6/8
Two doors down: 7/8
Two doors down: 8/8

Brooke Barone ‘Two doors down’

Based out of Los Angeles, Brooke & Roxy have collaborated many times in the past & love to create together. But recently they both found themselves (coincidentally) in Williamsburg, NY at the same time, staying just two houses apart! They took the opportunity to shoot somewhere new & I love the result.



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