Stefans Head

‘Txt Stefan’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Production: Stefans Head / Photographer: Blaise Cepis / Model: Kira Ship / Model: stephanie covell / Model: Alison Booth
Txt Stefan: 1/14
Txt Stefan: 2/14
Txt Stefan: 3/14
Txt Stefan: 4/14
Txt Stefan: 5/14
Txt Stefan: 6/14
Txt Stefan: 7/14
Txt Stefan: 8/14
Txt Stefan: 9/14
Txt Stefan: 10/14
Txt Stefan: 11/14
Txt Stefan: 12/14
Txt Stefan: 13/14
Txt Stefan: 14/14

Stefans Head ‘Txt Stefan’

The minute I saw this I fell pretty hard for Stefan. Consider Stefan your friendly off-beat-drug-dealer-of-things who is into cool shit. ‘Stefan’s Head’ is a new brand that deals things strictly through SMS. Here is what we were told about the making of this incredible series…

“We wanted to have our first shoot represent what the world looks like through the eyes of Stefan & his aesthetic, & photographer Blaise Cepis & crew did a fucking incredible job of bringing that vision to life. The shoot happened at a wacked out hotel somewhere in New York & there will be a part two coming up, so stay tuned. Text Stefan — 1-646-759-0904 — see you on the inside”.



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