Christian Hernandez

‘TYVM, Come again’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Christian Hernandez / Director: Ximena Salcedo / Stylist: Ximena Salcedo / Model: Ximena Salcedo
TYVM, Come again: 1/6
TYVM, Come again: 2/6
TYVM, Come again: 3/6
TYVM, Come again: 4/6
TYVM, Come again: 5/6
TYVM, Come again: 6/6

Christian Hernandez ‘TYVM, Come again’

It makes me smile when we here from couples that work together on creative projects like this one, I know all about it since I work with my husband on most of our projects. It’s mostly amazing & at times incredibly hard but when it works its pure magic.

‘TYVM, COME AGAIN’ is a film set by Brooklyn based couple Christian Hernandez & Ximena Salcedo who started out shooting for Ximena’s blog but after realising how well they worked together moved into producing gorgeous little editorials too.




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