Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 1/13 Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 1/13
Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 2/13 Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 2/13
Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 3/13 Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 3/13
Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 4/13 Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 4/13
Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 5/13 Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 5/13
Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 6/13 Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 6/13
Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 7/13 Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 7/13
Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 8/13 Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 8/13
Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 9/13 Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 9/13
Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 10/13 Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 10/13
Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 11/13 Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 11/13
Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 12/13 Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 12/13
Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 13/13 Ukiyo-e (NSFW): 13/13

Maty Chevriére ‘Ukiyo-e (NSFW)’

Island girl from Gran Canaria Maty Chevriére brings us a new series inspired by the Bijin-ga, a term used to refer to the Japanese illustrations called Ukiyo-e that show the representation of beauty or beautiful women from the century 17th to the 19th.

Wardrobe; Pool Studio Alivie, Akikoaki, Mikiosakabe.



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