Teresa Ortega


by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Teresa Ortega / Creative director: Teresa Ortega / Model: Natalia Bennett
Ultra-lite: 1/7
Ultra-lite: 2/7
Ultra-lite: 3/7
Ultra-lite: 4/7
Ultra-lite: 5/7
Ultra-lite: 6/7
Ultra-lite: 7/7

Teresa Ortega ‘Ultra-lite’

No makeup artist, nor stylist, just two rad girls sitting in a sunlit bedroom on a Wednesday. California born & bread creative, Teresa Stephanie presents her gorgeous debut feature starring, Natalia Bennett.

“It didn’t take much to to turn the idea of “Ultra-lite” into a stunning set of photographs. Natalia came to my home not knowing what to expect, & her presence was more than inspiring enough to create natural, raw imagery.”



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