Ultraviolet: 1/14 Ultraviolet: 1/14
Ultraviolet: 2/14 Ultraviolet: 2/14
Ultraviolet: 3/14 Ultraviolet: 3/14
Ultraviolet: 4/14 Ultraviolet: 4/14
Ultraviolet: 5/14 Ultraviolet: 5/14
Ultraviolet: 6/14 Ultraviolet: 6/14
Ultraviolet: 7/14 Ultraviolet: 7/14
Ultraviolet: 8/14 Ultraviolet: 8/14
Ultraviolet: 9/14 Ultraviolet: 9/14
Ultraviolet: 10/14 Ultraviolet: 10/14
Ultraviolet: 11/14 Ultraviolet: 11/14
Ultraviolet: 12/14 Ultraviolet: 12/14
Ultraviolet: 13/14 Ultraviolet: 13/14
Ultraviolet: 14/14 Ultraviolet: 14/14

The grey attic ‘Ultraviolet’

Eating vegan pizzas & dressing up Matilda Andersson in vintage prom dresses sounds like ideal working conditions to me. ‘Ultraviolet’ is our latest series from Australian photographer Dean Bell of The Grey Attic & stylist Melissa Nixon.

“Eating vegan pizzas in vintage prom dresses with a model who shines brighter than the light dancing around the room. The light that’s searing through the windows, cocooning delicate particles of stardust as beautiful pools of luminance drown the floor & she bounces effortlessly from shadow to shadow, her energy contagious, her aura all consuming.

Matilda. In a unicorn jacket. Just being her. Not a bad way to spend a public holiday.”



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