Umbrella: 1/10 Umbrella: 1/10
Umbrella: 2/10 Umbrella: 2/10
Umbrella: 3/10 Umbrella: 3/10
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Umbrella: 6/10 Umbrella: 6/10
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Umbrella: 10/10 Umbrella: 10/10

Bryan Derballa ‘Umbrella’

Brooklyn photographer Bryan Derballa teams up with stylist Christina Tung for their stunning debut fashion story.

“We roamed the streets around Chinatown & Tribeca in NYC looking for trouble. Usually, when people are in those neighbourhoods, they’re just passing through, speedwalking from shop to shop & then to the subway. But when you stop & really explore this space, it’s incredible. There are so many odd nooks & contradictions — old & new, high & low. We found this huge, beat-up umbrella that the fruitsellers use just sitting in a pile of trash. It had the most gorgeous faded colors. Brynn didn’t hesitate & carried around this heavy beast of an umbrella like it was a lace parasol. We also found an old t-shirt shop with three shirts for $10. This is only a few blocks from Alexander Wang where you can buy one for $200. The wall of t-shirts hadn’t been updated in a while & there were so many nostalgic references like the original Seinfeld shirt with Kramer in a frame. I don’t think Brynn recognized that one though. Kids, you know…”

Wardrobe; ISM, Omondi, We Love Color, I Waited for You, Viva Aviva, SVNR, Rag+Bone, Viva Aviva, PH5, House of 950, Dama, Isa Tapia, Vision Streetwear.

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