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Liam Folie ‘Underground’

Liam Folie draws inspiration from science fiction & David Bowie & loves to create bold, colourful & dreamy imagery. “I want the viewers of my work to be sucked into the world’s I have constructed.” Today it is a pleasure to welcome Liam to the SS Mothership with his stunning debut series starring Finn Woodlock & Lufan Shi.

“Welcome to an underground bunker where traditional notions of gender are challenged. Entry is granted to those who wish to indulge themselves in the sensual pleasures of self-expression. The price of admission is only the acceptance of others.”

Wardrobe; Gia Phuc Ly, Love Manifesto, Jordyn Smith, SHAG, Chelsea Hickman, Age of Foolishness, Sorrentino, MESH.gallery.



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