Ieva Urenceva

‘Untamed heart’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Ieva Urenceva / Model: Toma Donauskaite / Make-up Artist: Egle Dabkute
Untamed heart: 1/11
Untamed heart: 2/11
Untamed heart: 3/11
Untamed heart: 4/11
Untamed heart: 5/11
Untamed heart: 6/11
Untamed heart: 7/11
Untamed heart: 8/11
Untamed heart: 9/11
Untamed heart: 10/11
Untamed heart: 11/11

Ieva Urenceva ‘Untamed heart’

The last time Russian born, London based photographer, Ieva Urenceva sent us a series (scroll down to view), it went straight to the top of our favourite list & this one will go straight up there with it! Here is what Ieva told us about her day with the very memorising, Toma Donauskaite.

“As a photographer, I often get inspired by meeting new people, seeing new faces. When I saw Toma, I got instantly inspired by her unusual looks. Although she seemed quite shy in the beginning, I’ve noticed a little fire inside her and thus there were no doubts which side of her I would try to show in our editorial. ‘Untamed heart’ is a story about a girl with that burning fire in her eyes, the one who refuses to play by any rules. Loner by her own will, not belonging to anyone or anywhere.”

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