Yong Loh


by: Ainsley Hutchence

21 photographs.
Photographer: Yong Loh / Art director: Yong Loh / Stylist: Yong Loh / Photographer assistant: Ahhyun Kim / Model: Grace Chen / Model: Catherine Yu
Uprooted: 1/21
Uprooted: 2/21
Uprooted: 3/21
Uprooted: 4/21
Uprooted: 5/21
Uprooted: 6/21
Uprooted: 7/21
Uprooted: 8/21
Uprooted: 9/21
Uprooted: 10/21
Uprooted: 11/21
Uprooted: 12/21
Uprooted: 13/21
Uprooted: 14/21
Uprooted: 15/21
Uprooted: 16/21
Uprooted: 17/21
Uprooted: 18/21
Uprooted: 19/21
Uprooted: 20/21
Uprooted: 21/21

Yong Loh ‘Uprooted’

Los Angeles/Bangkok photographer Yong Loh brings us ‘Uprooted’, a visual poem about Western colonialism in Asia & it addresses the problematic expectations placed on Asian women.

“I set up a makeshift studio using pieces of fabric in my living room & shot this project with a 35mm camera. I wanted every aspect of this shoot to be intentional. Through casting, I chose models with different Asian backgrounds & picked specific colours to be the most prominent in the shoot, as red, yellow, blue/green are the most common colours in Asian flags.”



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