Evgenia Merrick

‘Vacations in Russia’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Evgenia Merrick / Model: Valentina Mann / Stylist: Evgenia Merrick / Make-up Artist: Irina Shpinak
Vacations in Russia: 1/6
Vacations in Russia: 2/6
Vacations in Russia: 3/6
Vacations in Russia: 4/6
Vacations in Russia: 5/6
Vacations in Russia: 6/6

Evgenia Merrick ‘Vacations in Russia’

Russia photographer/stylist, Evgenia Merrick & her muse, Valentina Mann take their latest vintage finds, to an abandoned industrial area located right near a forest.

“This story is about life in our country. There are a lot of stereotypes about Russia. We tried to get you close to some of them. We were exploring some abandoned industrial places & the forest near it. The shooting was held in early November. It was very cold (the model was brave).”



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