Vagabond: 1/7 Vagabond: 1/7
Vagabond: 2/7 Vagabond: 2/7
Vagabond: 3/7 Vagabond: 3/7
Vagabond: 4/7 Vagabond: 4/7
Vagabond: 5/7 Vagabond: 5/7
Vagabond: 6/7 Vagabond: 6/7
Vagabond: 7/7 Vagabond: 7/7

Monique Rodriguez ‘Vagabond’

‘Vagabond’ is our latest gorgeous series from Austin collaborators, Monique Rodriguez & the beautiful, Eden rose.

“Monique & I drove down to our friends studio space in downtown San Antonio to shoot several sets including this one. My hair was very big & it was very hot. There were baby goats running around (not shown) & that alone made the trip worth it.”



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