Velodrome: 1/11 Velodrome: 1/11
Velodrome: 2/11 Velodrome: 2/11
Velodrome: 3/11 Velodrome: 3/11
Velodrome: 4/11 Velodrome: 4/11
Velodrome: 5/11 Velodrome: 5/11
Velodrome: 6/11 Velodrome: 6/11
Velodrome: 7/11 Velodrome: 7/11
Velodrome: 8/11 Velodrome: 8/11
Velodrome: 9/11 Velodrome: 9/11
Velodrome: 10/11 Velodrome: 10/11
Velodrome: 11/11 Velodrome: 11/11

Sergio Del Amo ‘Velodrome’

Bangkok photographer, Sergio del Amo presents his latest gorgeous series starring Elisa Leão.

“This is a special shoot because it’s the last one at my original studio before moving to the new one. I met Elisa a couple of months ago at a nightclub. She was not only beautiful, but with a massive presence, one of those girls that shines amongst the rest. I hit her up to arrange a shoot but told me she wasn’t doing tests anymore. It took me a couple more encounters to persuade her, but we finally got around to do it.”



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