Velvet baby: 1/5 Velvet baby: 1/5
Velvet baby: 2/5 Velvet baby: 2/5
Velvet baby: 3/5 Velvet baby: 3/5
Velvet baby: 4/5 Velvet baby: 4/5
Velvet baby: 5/5 Velvet baby: 5/5

Pierre Richard Louis ‘Velvet baby’

Photographer, Pierre Louis & model/artist, Richie Moo collaborated in the studio to present a gender non-conforming story inspired by the great Bianca Jagger, who has never been one to shy away from any stage in her life. A very androgynous fashion sense of style is highlighted here with some mysterious sex appeal, Richie brings out the intellectual figure that fights for full equality but loves her nights out at studio 54, while managing marriage to a legendary rockstar. Something the model can understand very well after years of being part of the always hectic NYC environment.

Wardrobe; RichieMoo, Vivienne Westwood, Adilen/Nèlida Torres, Dee Serret, Pleaser, Dee Serret, Tylon Reyes.



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