Velvet daisy: 1/5 Velvet daisy: 1/5
Velvet daisy: 2/5 Velvet daisy: 2/5
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Velvet daisy: 5/5 Velvet daisy: 5/5

Miles Marie ‘Velvet daisy’

Detroit based Photographer & Makeup Artist Miles Marie is back with a fun new bold series. This is ‘Velvet Daisy’ starring McKenzie Pearce.

“This project is a culmination of the art of fashion, beauty & photography. It takes the story of a typical damsel figure, i.e. red riding hood, & turns it on its head. Instead of the body of the subject being a weakness, it is a strength, as shown by the use of flowers on skin & the way she interacts with her environment.

The makeup artist & I worked closely to create the vision, including hand making the pasties. The model was the perfect mix of unique badassery & femme to take the concept up a notch.”



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