Vertigo: 1/9 Vertigo: 1/9
Vertigo: 2/9 Vertigo: 2/9
Vertigo: 3/9 Vertigo: 3/9
Vertigo: 4/9 Vertigo: 4/9
Vertigo: 5/9 Vertigo: 5/9
Vertigo: 6/9 Vertigo: 6/9
Vertigo: 7/9 Vertigo: 7/9
Vertigo: 8/9 Vertigo: 8/9
Vertigo: 9/9 Vertigo: 9/9

Aura Skulskyte ‘Vertigo’

After moving to the Netherlands, Aura Skulskyte made it a priority to meet with & shoot her dancer muse, Yevgeniia Lavrenchuk.

“I was always fascinated with dancing & how it can collaborate with fashion & photography. So we decided to experiment & search for the (un)natural movement; focusing on non-standard beauty, & at the same time – not giving a fuck about beauty at all.”



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