Vice Jewellery

‘Vice / Lookbook’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Accessories: Vice Jewellery / Production: Gabrielle Pearson / Director: Amber Mealing / Director of photography: Amy Dellar / Photographer: Jordan Kaye / Model: Elena Nyleeta
Vice / Lookbook: 1/11
Vice / Lookbook: 2/11
Vice / Lookbook: 3/11
Vice / Lookbook: 4/11
Vice / Lookbook: 5/11
Vice / Lookbook: 6/11
Vice / Lookbook: 7/11
Vice / Lookbook: 8/11
Vice / Lookbook: 9/11
Vice / Lookbook: 10/11
Vice / Lookbook: 11/11

VICE JEWELLERY from Amber Mealing on Vimeo.

Vice Jewellery ‘Vice / Lookbook’

It’s a pleasure to bring you the latest intoxicating visuals from Melbourne label, Vice Jewellery, designed & handmade in Australia solely by the incredibly talented, Lia Vice. The seductive & captivating one-minute teaser film was shot, styled, directed & produced by an all-female team. Cannot wait to get my hands on these little babies!


Makeup provided by Eye of Horus Cosmetics.
Wardrobe provided by Trash Vintage & Ruiz the label.
Special thanks to Leonards House of Love.

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