Nils Heck

‘Vicious subway’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Nils Heck / Model: Lisa-Marie Krämer
Vicious subway: 1/9
Vicious subway: 2/9
Vicious subway: 3/9
Vicious subway: 4/9
Vicious subway: 5/9
Vicious subway: 6/9
Vicious subway: 7/9
Vicious subway: 8/9
Vicious subway: 9/9

Nils Heck ‘Vicious subway’

‘Vicious subway’ found its way to us from Frankfurt, Germany, via young analog photographer, Nils Heck.

I feel like when you’re born with a name that fucking awesome, you are destined to do fucking awesome things… like take rly rly great photos! Absolutely love this. Here is what Nils told us about his day with Lisa-Marie.

“We decided to take the train to the centre of Frankfurt & ended up shooting in one of the main subway stations at 3pm. Lisa was super spontaneous & didn’t mind that a lot of people were looking at us like we were weird. Actually I think the looks made it all the more fun!”



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