Mikkel Kristensen

‘View from the top’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Mikkel Kristensen / Model: Lera Pen / Wardrobe: POPcph / Location: James Goldstein
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Mikkel Kristensen ‘View from the top’

When you meet James Goldstein, it only makes sense to ask him if you can use his amazing Beverly Hills home for a shoot location. I’ll let Mikkel tell you the rest…

“Kasper (Co-founder & designer at POPcph) & I were recently in LA for a little inspirational trip & as always, were carrying some samples of our newest collection with us. While we were there, we hit up Lera & as chance & luck had it she was free & up for shooting together.

I had recently met James Goldstein, the lover of fashion weeks as he is, at our (POP’s) party during Copenhagen fashion week, & reached out to him on the off chance that he’d let us shoot at his legendary house. Again luck was on our side. It all panned out to be a super fun shoot & some good times with Lera, her friends & her boyfriend, musician Korey Dane who invited us to a little rooftop show in Los Feliz that same night.

I love how creating photos has a way of bringing people together & creating little adventures. Luxurious as this place is (Naomie Campell were to shoot there the day after), I liked the idea of a more candid snapshot shoot there with the gorgeous girl-next-door look of Lera.”



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