Lindsay Vrckovnik

‘Vika & Anna’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Lindsay Vrckovnik / Model: Anna Chernova / Model: Vika / Stylist: Lindsay Vrckovnik / HMUA: Lindsay Vrckovnik
Vika & Anna: 1/9
Vika & Anna: 2/9
Vika & Anna: 3/9
Vika & Anna: 4/9
Vika & Anna: 5/9
Vika & Anna: 6/9
Vika & Anna: 7/9
Vika & Anna: 8/9
Vika & Anna: 9/9

Lindsay Vrckovnik ‘Vika & Anna’

It goes a long way in turning your ideas into photos when you are good at all aspects of shooting… ‘Vika & Anna’ was photographed, styled & beautified by Toronto creative, Lindsay Vrckovnik on her recent trip to Seoul, South Korea.

“This was shot on a cold but sunny day on the rooftops of the model’s apartment. I wanted to incorporate more colour then I’m used to & step a little outside of my comfort zone. Both of my models are from Russia & we barely understood one another, which made the shoot interesting, but they perfectly fit the look I wanted to achieve in these photos. The shoot was very spontaneous but I love how it turned out. I think it will always be one of my favourites, since I shot it so far away from home (Toronto), with people I just met, & it gave me a very fresh perspective on how I want to take pictures & my personal style overall.”



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