Villainaire: 1/14 Villainaire: 1/14
Villainaire: 2/14 Villainaire: 2/14
Villainaire: 3/14 Villainaire: 3/14
Villainaire: 4/14 Villainaire: 4/14
Villainaire: 5/14 Villainaire: 5/14
Villainaire: 6/14 Villainaire: 6/14
Villainaire: 7/14 Villainaire: 7/14
Villainaire: 8/14 Villainaire: 8/14
Villainaire: 9/14 Villainaire: 9/14
Villainaire: 10/14 Villainaire: 10/14
Villainaire: 11/14 Villainaire: 11/14
Villainaire: 12/14 Villainaire: 12/14
Villainaire: 13/14 Villainaire: 13/14
Villainaire: 14/14 Villainaire: 14/14

Lukas Chmiel ‘Villainaire’

Set at stylist, Joe Vilaire’s Brooklyn loft, here is ‘Villainaire’ shot by Lukas Chmiel & starring Hadar-Shira Kel.

“Our concept behind the shoot was to create a casual & intimate story following our model through the various settings. The grey day light panned out well for us being that it contributed to the over all energy that we were trying to create in each image. The stylist’s mission was to introduce a unique selection of pieces to contribute to the juxtaposition of strength & sensuality.”



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