Julio Garcia Luevano

‘Ville mentality’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Julio Garcia Luevano / Model: Elizabeth de Alba Ruvalcaba / Model Management: Milk Fashion Company / Stylist: Julio Garcia Luevano
Ville mentality: 1/9
Ville mentality: 2/9
Ville mentality: 3/9
Ville mentality: 4/9
Ville mentality: 5/9
Ville mentality: 6/9
Ville mentality: 7/9
Ville mentality: 8/9
Ville mentality: 9/9

Julio Garcia Luevano ‘Ville mentality’

21 year old self taught photographer born and based in Aguascalientes, México discovered his passion for photography after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. “Since then Ive been using photography as my treatment. I wok with the models to create characters which express my multiple faces & emotions, that´s why its impossible for me to follow an unchanging line in my work.

“I wanted to shoot in this place my girlfriend & I found a couple weeks before & create something really natural, fresh & sexy, with a cinematographic feel. That day the fashion stylist couldn’t assist, & I didn’t want make up on Eli either, so this time the production came down to just the two of us. We arrived at the hotspot & it was filled with truck drivers, who obviously couldn’t take the eyes off Eli. They didn’t allow us to work peacefully, but we could deal with it. The shoot was just for fun, we took advantage of light from the sunset & ended up with these amazing photos.”



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