‘Virgo season’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Janis / Art director: Janis / Art director: Sofia Beaudoin-Côté / Model: Sofia Beaudoin-Côté
Virgo season: 1/15
Virgo season: 2/15
Virgo season: 3/15
Virgo season: 4/15
Virgo season: 5/15
Virgo season: 6/15
Virgo season: 7/15
Virgo season: 8/15
Virgo season: 9/15
Virgo season: 10/15
Virgo season: 11/15
Virgo season: 12/15
Virgo season: 13/15
Virgo season: 14/15
Virgo season: 15/15

Janis ‘Virgo season’

Montreal creatives, Janis & Sofia team up for this rad af debut series.

“It isn’t all about organisation & creation & hard work. It’s also a mess, a big mess caused by over-thinking & over-analyzing. It burns me out. Depression is waiting next door, but I’m still here trying to survive this mess. Living life you know. This world got me confused & now I’m careless. I feel like disappointment is always part of the deal. But hey look at me, I still shine.”

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